It’s finally time to let the cat out of the bag; I am taking a giant step.



Ok maybe not THAT giant of a step!  I am stepping out in faith into what feels like outer space because I know nothing about how this other world functions.

I’m writing a book.

In the very early months of 2013 I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia after struggling through (almost) a year of bizarre symptoms and illnesses.  Along the way, people began to say to me, “you should really write a book.”  The crazy (and cool) piece of the jigsaw puzzle was that I could sense God whispering that same initiative to me over and over again.  And so it began.  I have since stepped into a world of which I know very little, but I’m learning!

I have a family blog at so if you would like to read older posts, you can find me there.  Instead of moving over a vast multitude of writing to this new site, I decided to just start over.  Already I have learned so much about the book writing and publishing process and I am eager to drink from this fire hydrant of information on the corner of Publisher Boulevard and You’re Crazy Parkway.  You can follow my journey here, and please … feel free to leave me silly and fun comments along the way.  I love humor.  I think I’m hilarious, but my husband refuses to admit to my hilarity.  I think he is fearful that if he admits just how funny I am, his own comedic one-liners will suffer.  It’s cool.  I get it.

Here we go — where?  I dunno.  But I have my moon boots on and I’m ready for the journey.


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