The book that I have been working on for months used to be called “Why Me?” and it might still be called that – but I’m the artsy type, I change things often, and with pizzazz.  Don’t get confused, I’m not a thespian, no jazz hands, but LOTS of exclamation points!!!!!!!

This book is for people who are going through some kind of trial.  It could be that you are recently divorced, or like me you live in chronic pain, or like one of the people I interviewed for this book perhaps you had an abortion in High School.  The amazing thing I have learned on this journey is that no matter what the inciting incident is, we all tend to carry our pain in similar fashions.  

I am attending a writer and speaker conference at the end of July and will have the opportunity to meet with editors from three publishing companies.  My goal in the next month is to really nail down my book proposal – and from there my only goal is to honor God by sharing the things I believe He has placed on my heart to share.  

My son used to watch Little Einsteins and I can’t help but sing this in my head ….

“we’re going on a mission, start the countdown….FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!”  listen to this link — you’ll “thank” me later.


One thought on “the no name book

  1. Ann, I would really be interested in how the book conference you attend in July goes. Please tell me when you get back. I have a novel (just finished or as finished as it can be at the moment) sitting on my shelf. May be a piece of garbage, but I can tell you it was one interesting and very personal journey.


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