No one goes through life unscathed, and we all have imperfections.  Lots of them.  Despite having braces 20 something years ago, I have imperfect teeth.  One of my eyes is bigger than the other.  My nose is crooked.  I snort sometimes when I laugh.  I have monkey toes (if this phrase is not in the dictionary yet, it should be – I’ve been hearing it for over 35 years from my sister who does NOT have monkey toes).  I sing off key sometimes.  I have thick skin with some things and paper thin skin with other things.  I’m not a “sit for hours and build with Lincoln logs” kind of parent.  I stink at letting things be when my husband needs space.  

I think a lot of us tend to let these imperfections seep into our spirits but guess what, you are not a sum of all those things.  You are a wholly made, beautiful creation from God’s hands.  He breathed life into you.  He happens to love my imperfect teeth, and your
 ___ (fill in the blank)______.  And honestly, if you and I were standing face to face, those imperfections wouldn’t be the first thing you notice about me, nor the lasting impression you have of me.  But my spirit would resonate with you because it’s stronger than anything else.  It has to be.  God designed it to last all eternity with Him long after this body fails.

So here’s a tip … don’t go around pointing out your flaws with disgust.  They make you unique yes, but they don’t make up who you are!

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