Today I saw this on Pinterest and of course I pinned it to one of my boards.  How could I not pin this?  It so eloquently and concisely says how I feel.  And you know, it’s not all BAD that my pain has changed me.  I won’t even list the bad because we could all list out negative things all day long.

Instead I am going to list out the GOOD changes that have happened in me and to me because of my pain.

  1. I have better boundaries and I don’t say yes to every fun thing.
  2. I appreciate good days so much more than I used to.
  3. My family is finally my focus.
  4. I better understand that what motivates me might not ever motivate you, and that’s ok.
  5. God has used my pain to work miracles in my marriage – because I finally shut up and sat down so that my husband had a chance to stand up and lead.

If you’re stuck in a bad emotional place today because of your unfortunate life circumstances, I encourage you to make a list of the GOOD that has come about from your pain.  If you can’t even list one thing, it’s time to “use a lifeline” and phone a friend.  I bet he or she can give you a whole list of things on which to focus and be thankful!


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