This past weekend, one of our pastors read these verses and I have gone back to them several times this week.  I know that Peter wasn’t talking about chronic pain, the loss of a child, or the pain that comes with divorce … but I also know that the words within the bible are literally infused with God’s spirit.  His spirit moves through us when our eyes and hearts get stuck on passages like this one:1 Peter 1:6-7

I know that at my weakest points last year my first thoughts were not to take my anxieties and my worries straight to the feet of Jesus.  My first thoughts were to text my friend Dee.  And because God is so dang cool, she almost always would respond with “have you prayed for yourself yet today?”

God knew that my lowest point was only “for a little while.”  I couldn’t see the end of the hallway of pain and suffering, but He could.  He also knew that my faith was being put through the fire, but not to burn it up and make it unrecognizable!  He put my faith through the fire to make it shine like a precious metal.  Gold.

And just as the scripture says, my faith is even more precious than gold.  It’s worth more and it’s purer.  It also has given me ways to share about Jesus to those I meet who are suffering.  He was building a testimony in me.  And to think I asked “why” over and over again.

He knew why all along.


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