Deuteronomy 11:18-20 is a great reminder that if we are going to be Christ followers or even say we obey God’s commands, it would be a dandy idea if we know what those commands are!

This year a good friend of mine challenged me to memorize 24 verses from scripture; choosing any 24 that I wanted to memorize. Of course that wasn’t enough for me (read: bit off more than I can chew) and I have upped the ante a little, but it’s been so rich in blessings. I find that I comfort myself with the words of scripture that are embedded in my heart and mind. And when I pray, those memorized verses become part of my prayers!

Here is a great link with ten ways to help yourself memorize scripture, but I have two more to add.

1. This app has been SO helpful to me! Scripture Typewriter. It’s not free but it’s worth every penny.


2. I can memorize oodles of song lyrics but not words or dates on their own. This is going to sound nutty but oh well… Record yourself saying the verses in different accents or sing-song tones and listen to it in your car (or for those of us who paid off our cars some time ago and don’t have fancy inputs or Bluetooth capabilities: burn it to a CD for your car).

My favorite so far has stuck with me all year – yes because the words are powerful – but also because my friend recorded herself saying it in a southern preacher accent and that’s how I “hear it” in my head. Every time.

20130707-091100.jpg(Thank you Katy!)

Great beginners verses:
Psalm 15:1
Proverbs 12:22
Psalm 62:6
John 11:35 — thank you Pastor Jim for this gem! Who knew two words would make me feel so normal?!?!

What verses have you wanted to commit to memory? Whatcha gonna do about it?


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