This morning was busy.  I mean Busy with a capital B.  I make quilts for a living and BOTH of my machines are down – this is not good, people.  Not good.  Lucky for me I have an amazing mother who has my back and she embroidered my business quilt label for me so that I could hand stitch that sucker on when I got home, throw my hands in the air and yell, “DONE!”

She also dropped everything to embroider a bride and groom’s names on a center quilt square for me today.  I know, she’s amazing.  No, you can’t have her —- ok fine, I’ll share, but you’ll have to make an appointment.

In the midst of all of this, our 10 year old was tagging along with me because he made a series of incredibly poor decisions yesterday and his punishment was ZERO electronics as well as a note to his friend whose feelings he crushed.  So as mom and I are talking in sewing-tongues in front of him, I heard God whisper to me.  He said, “Look at your son.  Appreciate him.”  And I did.

I saw his 873 freckles resting peacefully on his precious little face.
I saw his hands resting in his lap.
I saw his feet still, his eyes lowered, and his mouth shut.
I saw the perfect example of patience.

He brought his own money with him and our date today was going to be to Starbucks (his choice which is so weird to me but ok, whatever).  We went straight to our date when we left my mom’s house and God whispered again, “Treat your son, don’t let him pay.”  So I treated him.  That resulted in a beautiful smile filled with unbrushed teeth that I promptly ignored so that I could focus on the joy radiating from his face.

I wanted to get it to go – because did I mention both of my machines are down??? We had errands to do, machines to get fixed, and hand sewing to tackle!  But God whispered again, “Sit down, and TALK to your son.”

Ok people, I will be the first to admit that I have no idea when the last time was that my son and I had a normal conversation — not the typical, “Can Fred come over?” … “No.” … “Why?” … “Because you haven’t done your chores.” … “Why do you treat me like a slave and make me clean my room?!?! You never let me do anything fun!”   (all those who are familiar with these types of conversations, please raise your hands —- mmmhmm, I knew I wasn’t the only one)

We played a word game.
We laughed.
We took this fun picture
And we totally enjoyed each other’s company.
We even went sight seeing and I showed him where his daddy and I lived before we got married and how we had to walk between the buildings to get to each other’s apartments.

It’s fun to have a house full of kids and adults and whatnot.
It’s fun to have a million summer activities.
But nothing compares to the hour I sat at Starbucks with my kid this morning.  I cherished every moment of it.

Don’t be so busy that you can’t hear God whispering.  And don’t be so foolish that you don’t obey when He calls you to something, because MAN does He bless your socks off when you’re in alignment with Him!


5 thoughts on “a freckled blessing

  1. I so miss that little guy and his wonderful Mom! Your posts have been insightful! It is so hard to take the time to listen to Him, but as you said when you do you will be truly blessed. Thanks Ann for inspiring us all.


  2. Those little moments will always be in the back of his mind and he will use them in the future. Pastor Paul once told me (as I was frustrated with the choices the twins were making) that the things of God that I was teaching my kids would someday be a life-line (paraphrasing, since I am a guy and we have trouble remember exact words) that they would use in times of troubles. Thank you for that story!


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