When we were kids and we would push back at something my mom said, our big comeback was, “yeah, but…”  I know, original, right?  My mom used to turn around and say, “no yeah-buts!” and wave her cute little pointer finger at us.  Or if we were “lucky” she would sing it back to us.  (so that’s where I get that, so sorry kiddo!)

Today, I’m telling that to myself.  “NO YEAH-BUTS!”

It’s raining.  

photo from rudlavibizon
photo from rudlavibizon

No big deal to someone without chronic pain but my body has felt this rain coming for days. Yesterday it was a migraine that derailed my plans and today my hips, knees, and ankles are stiff and incredibly painful.  The tendons in my wrists and fingers hurt.  And I just realized I’m clenching my teeth.

(PS: Thank you God for this RAIN!  Holy cow, Dallas has needed this badly!!!)

I have work that needs to get done and the little kid in me says, “yeah, but my body is killing me and I just want to lay down!”  The grown-up in me is saying, “no yeah-buts!”  The chronic pain sufferer in me is saying things that Q*bert would say.

Which automatically leads me to this scripture:

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Luke 6:45b

Ok … so if I’m speaking like Q*bert that must mean there are serious issues to be addressed elsewhere, perhaps I should look in my heart.

Because I am in pain today, I struggle to see my heart for what it truly is. But if I asked a good friend to remind me who I am, she might say:

  • you are a child of the living God who created you masterfully!
  • you are genuine and funny and you love people
  • you are transparent and people learn through your words and actions

Ok, so that tells me I do have a good heart and my problem today is my attitude.  Maybe if I pray for myself (like my friend Dee always reminds me to do), I can ask God to help me change my attitude.  In fact, I think I will pray directly out of scripture:

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer!  (Psalm 62:6)

You might hear the words coming out of your mouth, so do a but-check … well wait, don’t do that.  (where are my emoticons when I need them?!?!)  In all seriousness, you can hear the words you speak but you can’t always see the meditation in your heart.

Do a heart-check.
Dissect it if you have to (friends are incredibly helpful in this activity).
If the forecast in your heart is cloudy with a chance of frustration and angst, I recommend you do the following things:

  1. Surround yourself with people who have pure hearts.  We tend to become more and more like the people with whom we congregate.
  2. Consider forgiveness.  Perhaps you need to forgive yourself or someone else … or even both … before you can dust off the happy places in your heart.
  3. Go to church.  No, I’m not kidding.  Today is Friday – that gives you plenty of time to research churches near you and seek out one that would be a good fit for you.  God is everywhere but sometimes being in a house of worship creates a direct connection from His heart to yours.

Once you’ve begun to address the cobwebs in your heart, you’ll find it much easier to appreciate life and learn to accept things like chronic pain that unfortunately can’t be altogether avoided.

If you need prayer about the current condition of your heart (or any other issue), leave me a comment – I absolutely love praying for people.


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