Ok – people have asked …

Why is your nickname Moose?

So here is the story …


Back in the day, I used to watch Captain Kangaroo all. the. time.  And my favorite part was when Mister Moose made all of the ping pong balls fall on the Captain.  Somehow in the mix, my dad started calling me Annie Moose.  Later it was just shortened to Moose.  My mom used to call the chocolate ring around my mouth … you guessed it, ring-around-the-moose.

Now it has completely gotten out of hand and my nieces and my nephew call me Aunt Moose.  My son is called Mini Moose, and I even named my business The Crafty Moose.

So there you have it … I’m just a moosie mess!
(and I secretly love it — well, I suppose it isn’t a secret anymore!)


2 thoughts on “moose

  1. You know I love ALL mooses, right? But I’ve loved you way before I knew that you were aka Moose. So it’s just fitting. (And yes,I know the plural of moose is moose.)


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