Three different experts.
Three different ideas.
One prayerful heart.
I just had the last of my three 1-on-1 appointments at the She Speaks conference. The first was with an agent and the last two were with editors from well known publishing companies. All three women were excited about this book topic and provided three incredibly different pieces of advice.
Getting three different pieces of advice was fabulous but led me to an unexpected journey. I have a million ideas in my head and so many possible routes to take from here that I can feel this will take prayer and wise counsel to determine the next steps.
No book contracts were in the cards for me, but I really didn’t expect one considering I am brand new to this.  In one way I got exactly what I hoped for, which was guidance. But the strong thirst for God’s wisdom about which path I should take next, is compelling and unbelievably humbling.
I know this much – you can expect many more blog posts as I explore this writing/author/speaking journey!
“Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing our God cannot do.” <– song lyrics from a KidMin song that I love!

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