Have you ever sat with your bible on your lap, but you feel completely overwhelmed by the hundred of pages and you don’t know where to start?
I have.

Have you ever wondered if God even hears you, or if He is too busy to listen to you cries?
I have.

Here’s the thing about being stuck in your pain or suffering – the very last things you want to do is move, pray, read scripture, call a friend, get out and let fresh air hit you in the face – but often times, one of those things is exactly what you need.

photo courtesy of http://www.b2beck.com/
photo courtesy of http://www.b2beck.com/

I am suffering and in pain.
    Rescue me, O God, by your saving power.
Psalm 69:29

When we are riddled with pain, we hole-up somewhere in our homes waiting for the rescue ship to come.  We just wait.  But really what we need to do is move to the edge of the water (ships don’t typically have ports at your nightstand table).  Move.

We let the hundred of pages of the bible overwhelm us so we close the book and set it aside.  But God’s Word and His promised won’t seep into us through osmosis.  You need to find a starting point — try the Psalms, or start in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) in the New Testament.  Read it out loud, and don’t read in bed.  Move.

One of the problems we have with our views of God is that we view Him as a human being – with two ears.  God is bigger and badder than your favorite hero from The Avengers, and He doesn’t look or function anything like we do.  He is all-present and all-knowing, and all-hearing.  But He won’t ever hear your prayers if you never utter them.  Move.

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3 tells us there is a time for everything — perhaps it’s time for you to take a step, go meet your ship.  Speak your mind to God, it doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty.  Flood your mind with God’s promises found in His Word, and watch your worries and self-defeating thoughts wash away.

He’s ready to embrace you.


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