I know I am in the fires of life sometimes, but it’s when I let myself believe that I am actually burning-up that I get into trouble.

In the movies when a shuttle or space capsule reenters the atmosphere I am completely amazed and wide-eyed.  It’s burning, but not burning UP.  And then it’s just fine when it gets through to the other side.  I think sometimes I forget that there’s an “other side” to my life struggles.

Photo from http://www.orbiter-forum.com/

Photo from http://www.orbiter-forum.com/


Last week I tackled the first of three questions that I would be asking myself continuously if I didn’t have a strong faith foundation.  Here are the three questions:

Is God punishing me? (click link to read the answer)
Did God make all this happen in my body?
Why won’t He take it all away?

Did God make all this happen in my body?  Is He to blame for all this pain and dysfunction?  It would really be great if I had someone to point at and scream at and say, “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”  But — God is not to blame.

I am going to assume that mostly those with chronic illnesses are reading this post.  And I am also going to assume you have exhausted all testing and physicians to find out exactly why you are sick or hurting and what in the world you can do to fix it.  It’s amazing how desperate we can get for answers.  Been there.  Done that.

I want you to think about the body types of your friends — some are beanpole thin and they eat Taco Bell for lunch.  Some of your friends are apple shaped and have big middles but tiny legs.  Some have tiny waists but have some junk in the trunk.  WE. ARE. ALL. DIFFERENT.  God made us all different — so you can “blame” Him for that at least if you’re really jonesing to blame someone for something.

Why is this important?  It’s important to realize that what might work for patient A, might not work for you.  What caused the issues with patient D, might not be what caused your issues.  Some people can’t tolerate milk.  Some can’t tolerate gluten.  Some can’t tolerate their inlaws … oh wait, that’s another topic completely, and some eat Taco Bell every day and have no issues at all.  (I deleted my inappropriate commentary about these people)

I am not a conspiracy theorist (except for our cat’s impeccable throw up timing — ALWAYS when I am in a hurry) but I can’t help but wonder what in the world is going on in our environment, in our food, in our water, and in technology that is creating more and more medical issues that we just can’t define/see.  Sure there has always been illness, look how many people Jesus healed,  but SOMETHING is causing more and more cancer, and autism, and ADHD, chronic pain, and whatever else…. something.

God’s reign over us is not like an ant bully with a magnifying glass who squashes us with His thumb for fun. God’s reign is actually WITH us, around us, in us, through us … it’s like a big fluffy robe and hot tea … it’s comfy and something you long for (unless it’s 100 degrees in Texas, but you know what I mean.)  Why in the world would He cause harm to the ones whom He created and loves to the nth degree?  If our goal is to be like Jesus, why would He thwart those efforts by making us sick, especially our children!?!?  God does not  – does not – does not go down the list and say, “I think I’ll give Billy cancer today — hey Peter, watch this!”

God is for you.
God is with you.
God is on your side.
If you let Him in, He will THRIVE in you.
He will work through you
And you can feel His peaceful presence!

So why won’t He take it all the pain away?  Stay tuned.


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