If I owned a white outfit and had a nice trim belly, I might allow someone to take my picture like this whilst making a leap of joy in a field of green goodness.  But in all seriousness, this photo accurately depicts exactly how I feel.  Let’s back the truck up a little, shall we?

Over the summer I watched people post on Facebook about this great new product they were using to “lose weight and feel great” … I wish you could see me rolling my eyes.   It sounded like just another fad diet to me, but yet I was intrigued because I started getting text messages and emails from these people saying that folks with chronic pain have experienced significant reductions in their pain levels while taking this “miracle product.”   Now, when you’ve been to a bazillion doctors and you’ve tried every medication known to man to help you with your medical issues – it doesn’t seem plausible that a product being sold via Multi-level Marketing is going to be worth your time.

I even talked to my doctor about it after the kids were back in school.  I asked what she knew and she said she hadn’t had the time to do deep research on it, but she had indeed scoped out the ingredients for some of her other patients.  She promised me there wasn’t anything in there that would make me feel worse than I already did – and she had actually heard of the ingredients.  That was promising.  But still I did nothing.

November and December came around and folks, I’m telling you — those two months just plain sucked.  In December, out of a sheer act of defiance, I ordered some through a precious girl who hadn’t completely turned her Facebook account into a constant pink advertisement.

That’s right kids, we’re talking about Plexus.

My thoughts went something like this:

  • Fine.  I’ll try this stupid pink drink and prove to all you people that it won’t work for me!
  • I’ll take it for a month and then get my money back with their 60 day money back guarantee
  • You’ll all see that THIS TOO will not work for me — just wait, you’ll see!

But this is what really happened:

  • Week 1: I started craving nutrition — like celery.  I was CRAVING celery!
  • Week 2: I suffered three brutal migraines this week (side note: I didn’t know it at the time, but my body was going through a detox period)… and I was now craving broccoli with my celery.
  • Week 3: This week was miracle territory.  I was getting myself out of bed without help from my husband.  I cleaned my ENTIRE house by myself, AND got groceries, AND cooked for my family, AND played games and laughed with my kiddo, AND got some sewing done. Fatigue?  What fatigue?  I even worked out THREE times during week 3.  And I cut my fibro med dosage in HALF.
  • Week 4: My husband and I kept waiting for it to end – and for my real body to wake up and take over… but it never happened.  I still feel amazing!  And I cut my fibro med dosage in half AGAIN.  That’s right — I take 1/4 of the medication that I did just a month ago and I feel BETTER than I did when I was at the prescribed dosage!

Side Note: I AM NOT CURED.  I still have fibromyalgia.  I still have arthritis.  I still have a whacked immune system that functions at 50% — but I FEEL amazing!   I haven’t lost any weight but I DID go down a pants size.  I had so much inflammation in my body that it took two full weeks to dissipate.

If you are reading this from your bed and shaking your head — I get it.  I completely understand.  It took me 6 months to try it and even then it was because I intended to prove everyone wrong.   There is no miracle drug/drink/oil/pill/food — but Plexus has made my symptoms go from a 10 to a 1 on my scale of being bothered by them.

I’m not an advertising kind of girl.  I don’t bug people to buy things or try things — but if chronic pain has literally re-written your life plans, PLEASE consider trying this for a month!   I currently take the Slim drink and 1 accelerator pill each day.  That’s it.

Scope it out.  Ask me questions.  I’ll be honest with you and tell you if I don’t think it’s for you.  And if you think I’m crazy, I am not offended because I thought everyone else was crazy for 6 months.  It’s cool…. it’s not the first time I’ve worn that label with pride.

I plan to use up the $200 worth of vitamins I have on hand right now (that I take daily) and then I will add in the XFactor multi-vitamin to my regimen… when it’s all said and done, the Plexus plan I am building for myself will be cheaper than my prescription meds, therapies, doc appts, massages, and pain lotions that I’ve used thus far.  And I feel better ANYWAY than I did previously while doing all that stuff!

And I, Ann Skaehill, promise that this will be the only post that includes a link about Plexus —- but I cannot promise that you won’t hear more about getting my life back, because I have three years of life to make up for!

I can’t help but wonder if God was knocking and knocking and knocking that whole time and I was just too darn stubborn to open the door.  Well now it’s WIDE open and the blessings are still pouring out!  He is so good, and He is faithful — and good golly my prayers were answered in a way I LEAST expected!


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