Fun Drink Friday  is my way of shaking things up a bit and giving the boys something fun to remember — ok no.  Really, this is all about me making sure I’m cooler than Brady’s mom.  That’s all this is.

Gavin: Ms. Ann?  Are we getting Fun Drink Friday today?
Me: YES!  We will go to Sonic and then I will stop at the fabric store to go get a SINGLE cut of fabric so I can finish this quilt for a customer.

— silence —

William: You guys are SO lucky you don’t have to go to fabric stores with your moms!
Gavin: You’re so lucky you don’t have a sister because clothes shopping takes forEVER with a sister.
Brady: No, guys. Know what’s the worst? Shopping with your mom AND your grandmother!
Collectively: Awwwwww YEAH! That IS the worst!


Me (in the fabric store while checking out and eating a Hershey kiss): I have 4 boys in the car out there.  How much you want to bet that by the time I get back out to the car someone will be crying, hurt, or angry?
Employee: Here, have another Hershey kiss.


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