Ann Skaehill
Ann Skaehill

Welcome!  I’m Ann, also known as Moose and 3-percenter (both of these nicknames deserve detailed blog posts!)  I’m a Christian author who journeys through life with chronic pain.  Humor is always my go-to medicine and Scripture is becoming my oxygen mask.   My go to self-help list typically starts with addressing the problem, praying through it, and laughing at myself as I go.

My friends have always labeled me as an encourager, and it’s true.  I love people.  I love their stories.  And I especially love a transparent person who isn’t afraid to laugh at inappropriate times while sharing her story.  Please don’t sit by me in church if you’re hilarious.  Ok do… do sit by me if you’re hilarious.  I don’t care where we are!

My writing goals are simply to share what has/has not worked for me or what I have learned (almost always the hard way) in the following categories:

  • Finding joy through pain and suffering
  • Family / Parenting mishaps and lessons
  • Christianity: the fake, the real, and the funny (because there is humor in everything)
  • Book Reviews (don’t panic, there will be humor)

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follow me:

You can follow me in a number of ways, and I love hearing how the words God gives me impact your life.  Don’t be afraid to comment or send me a direct message.  I welcome all comments, even if you don’t agree with what I have shared.





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